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Hiking with your dog 101


My name is Nicolette (aka Ahsoka’s mom). We want to start out

by expressing how honored we are to guest post!

Summertime has been off to a rough start for most of us due to

COVID but that doesn’t mean our beloved fur babies have to

miss out on their summer hikes and zoomies. Here in

Minnesota, we don’t have gorgeous mountains to hike but we do

have some beautiful trails. Staying active during these times is

essential! It’s not only good for us hoomans but is also

necessary for the health and happiness of our four legged


The question is: how can you make the most of your


Ahsoka is a high energy dog! Granted she is totally chill if mom

and dad just want to be couch potatoes all day! But she does

need lots of love and attention. That being so, exerting off-leash

hikes are her favorite. I wouldn’t consider myself at all athletic or

even that active outside of my cleaning business, but getting out

in nature is so refreshing for both of us. However, I’ve definitely

made some hiking no no’s! So let me share some of those with

you and help you avoid making the same mistakes.

1. First off you need to plan

accordingly. If you’re just taking a stroll around your

neighborhood you don’t need much aside from poop bags.

2. Water, water, WATER!

Bringing water is an absolute must! Sacrificing some bandanas and a couple

treats for water is the smarter move!

3.Keep your dog leashed at all times

4.Bring bug repellent

Our absolute favorite hiking spot so far is this park

out in the country. There is hardly anyone there since it involves

a decent amount of hiking. The goal of the hike? Get to the big

rock at the top! It’s called Split Rock, or at least the spray paint

on the side of it says so. The majority of the hike is shaded and

is so pretty. Halfway through, there’s a small waterfall that

the dogs like to play in and cool off .This is where I like to take some bandana modeling shots. Past the waterfall you hike switchback style trails till you get to the top!

Okay, let’s recap on basic tips. First, bring water! Never

underestimate the power of hydration. Second, don’t have

overly high expectations. Dogs will be dogs. Yes, training is

important but they aren’t humans, so they don’t think like we do.

Third, leash your pup when required or when necessary.

Fourth, staying calm, positive and realistic will make hikes more

enjoyable. Lastly, wear appropriate clothing and shoes for your

terrain. I didn’t mention this, but it’s so important. Wearing flip

flops to hike uphill in dirt and mud is not fun! Be sure to wear

pants if you’re walking through tall grassy fields and if you’re

anything like me, mosquitoes love to bless you with their evil

bites, so bug repellent is vital.

That about wraps it up. If you’ve gotten this far, thank you so

much! We so appreciate Patterned Paw-Prints, not only for this

opportunity, but also for their high quality products and stellar

customer service. We all hope your summertime walks and

hikes go off without a hitch!

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